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About Me

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My passion for community activism and social justice started at a young age - I can still remember my aunt Julie Hunter coming home after hours spent amongst our community and advocating for the unheard.

That's why I got to work as a young adult organizing with Progressive causes. From my work regarding HIV and AIDS awareness, serving as a substitute teacher in Elementary, Middle, and High Schools in Forsyth County, to heading up a Pet Food Pantry for needy animals here in Winston-Salem, I've dedicated myself to making a better future for those around me.

Issues relating to our children have particularly motivated me throughout my life. As the proud mother of a child with Autism, I know how important it is that we invest early in our children's futures. From investing in after-school programs to instilling financial literacy in our young adults, our youth will always remain a priority for me.


I'm running for the NC House to bring my experience and priorities to the General Assembly and to be a voice for the disenfranchised in our community. I hope to earn your support this November.



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