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A Better Future for North Carolina

Access to Healthcare

No one should have to choose between buying groceries or their prescription pills, but this is a sad reality for many people in Forsyth County and North Carolina. First and foremost, we must increase healthcare access to hundreds of thousands of North Carolinian families by expanding Medicaid. That is a sensible and fiscally responsible decision that will positively impact our communities. We also must take on the crisis we're seeing in rural counties where hospitals and birthing centers are closing, leaving tens of thousands of people without critical care. You deserve access to quality healthcare, no matter where you live.

Affordable Housing

As more people move to Forsyth County, it is becoming impossible for working families to buy a house or even rent an apartment here in Winston-Salem. Lifelong residents are being priced out of the homes they grew up in. I'm ready to work with developers and local governments to incentivize the construction of new, affordable housing across North Carolina so that we can continue to grow sustainably.

Public Education

Right now a child's educational outcomes can be determined by their zip code. That's not right. Children are going to school in crumbling buildings, being forced to share decades-old textbooks, and lack the school resources they're entitled to. Meanwhile, our teachers are under attack by the legislature, underpaid and overworked, and being forced to move out of North Carolina just to support their families. As a former substitute teacher and teacher's aide, I'm ready to stand up for our public schools and ensure that our children go to schools that prepare them for the next steps in their lives.

Workers' Rights

I'm proud to be endorsed by the North Carolina AFL-CIO, because I understand how important it is that we protect our workers here in North Carolina. It's time that we raise the minimum wage in North Carolina to a livable wage, repeal right-to-work and empower collective bargaining once again, and ensure that existing worker protections are actually enforced.

Reproductive Rights

The right-to-choose is under attack here in North Carolina. I am a staunch advocate and believer that the right to an abortion is a decision left to a person and their doctor, not the government.

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